About Cookies

A cookie is a small file that is stored in your browser. It is used to measure and analyze and improve your experience on the website. In addition the cookies can be used to remember you and details that you have shared with us previous visits

The text file is not harmful and does not include computer viruses or code.

A full list of what cookies are being used can be found by looking at the settings in your web browser.

How Wyback is using Cookies

We use cookies to collect statistics of the number of users we have on the website and what the website is being used for. The statistics are the foundation for improvements to the website, so the visitors get an improved experience.

Third party applications

In order for Wyback to efficiently and correctly improve our website and the business we have third party applications that enabling analysis of the patterns and visits.

Manage your cookies

If you don not agree to our use of cookies to improve and enhance the user experience, you can decline in the decline the option to use the cookies.

In your web browser, you are able to adjust the settings to restrict websites from storing cookies. In this section you can adjust the settings for this website. However you should be aware that changing the settings may impact certain functions on the website making certain functions on the website not functioning properly.

If you wish to limit Wyback’s possibilities to cross-check data from our own and partner’s websites you can restrict this type of tracking in your web browsers’ or you iOS and android device. In the web browser you can restrict this tracking by choose the option (“Do Not Track”). For Android you edit the settings under Google settings and ads and for iOS you can choose to Limit Ad Tracking under integrity and ads settings.