We help people watch their back in the digital world

Connected anti-fraud network

We create a unique connection with both e-commerce and people to each other in order to make it harder for criminals to missue personal information. Being a part of the collaborative Wyback network reduce the risk of becoming a victim of ID fraud, no matter if you are a consumer or an e-commerce.

survailance and analysis

We monitor the data you entrust us with, completely anonymous. Whenever personal data is being used, we help e-commerce to assess potential fraud and offer our users the oppurtunity to be the guardian of their own data.

Real time alarms and fraud blocks

We give e-commerce and people the tools to detect and stop ongoing fraud  before it impact their lives or their business. If fraud is detected in the netowrk we alarm other involved parties of the fraud to stop the spread.




Wyback was founded with one mission in mind: Stop online fraud and by providing tools to help players on the e-commerce market to work against fraud. But more importantly to facilitate a network with mutual upside for everyone involved to ensure that the online community become better att stopping online criminals. 


To create a world where both people and business owners can feel safe about the data that is availible about them in this digital world. We want to give the control of Your data back to You! To ensure that you can control that no criminals are using your data and personal details to apply for credit, shop, gamble or in other ways impact Your life!


We have created an anonymous network that any size website can connect to in order to be part of the fight against online fraud and ID-theft. The platform works like a digital neighborhood watch where suspected or detected fraud is anonymously shared between the members on the platform


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